baking delicious treats that nourish the body and soul.

Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Granola

Brownie Cookie

- based in nashville -

Founded in January of 2021, Via Appetites is a small batch bakery dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to make the most delicious treats. Every Saturday the local deliveries go out so customers can enjoy freshly baked cookies brought right to their doorsteps. Keeping the menu small allows us to take the time we need to put all the love and care into each cookie, or each bite of granola.


I’m Deena, the baker behind Via Appetites. I am a violinist and teacher who has lived in Nashville since January of 2018. The only thing that rivals my passion for music is my passion for baking! Taught by the strongest, most loving Greek women in my family, I’ve been learning in the kitchen ever since I can remember. I have a firm belief that cookies, more than any other baked good, are personal to each and every person. Some of my favorite childhood memories are holiday cookie baking parties, late night NestlĂ© Toll House bakes with my mom, or even just eating raw dough and watching chick flicks with my friends. So, when I take a bite of my chocolate-chip cookies, I’m instantly transported back to those special times when I felt especially warm, comforted, and loved. I am so excited to share these pieces of me, and sincerely hope that they bring you joy!

When I’m not testing recipes in the kitchen, I’m either practicing, planning my wedding (!!!!), or spending my mornings at the local farmers’ markets! Nashville has SO many wonderful and talented artisans in the community, and I am so ecstatic to live in a place where people seriously support their local small businesses.